book cover of The Art of Ground Fighting: Principles and Techniques. By Marc Tedeschi.
One in a series of remarkable books
that provide an in-depth look at the
core concepts and techniques shared by
a broad range of martial arts styles.

This illuminating work outlines the essential principles and techniques that define the art of ground fighting in most martial arts. More than 1200 outstanding photographs introduce over 195 practical techniques encompassing all types of ground skills: chokes, head locks, joint locks, pins, ground kicks, sacrifice techniques, and defenses and counters from seated, reclining, and kneeling positions. Comprehensive introductory chapters provide an authoritative overview of important technical principles, East Asian energetic concepts, and 109 fundamental skills encompassing body positions, stances, footwork, ground movement, transitional movement (between ground and standing positions), and common methods of tumbling and falling. Precise anatomical illustrations and descriptions of 106 common Oriental pressure points, and a visual comparison of different martial arts, make this an invaluable resource for all martial styles.

Expertly written and designed by the author of the 1136‑page Hapkido—widely acclaimed the most comprehensive book ever written on a single martial art—this exceptional work is designed to stand alone, or function as a companion text with the author’s other works on martial techniques and anatomy. Regardless of the style you practice, these books will enrich your training, improve your technique, and deepen your understanding of the unique qualities embodied in your own martial art.

Other Books in the Series
The Art of Ground Fighting is part of a remarkable series of books that provide an in‑depth look at the core concepts and techniques shared by a broad range of martial arts. Each of these stand‑alone books is dedicated to a specific technical area, such as strikes, holds, or throws. Other titles include: The Art of Striking, The Art of Holding, The Art of Throwing, and The Art of Weapons.


The Art of Ground Fighting: Principles & Techniques
Author: Marc Tedeschi
Language: English
First Edition, March 2002
Second Printing, 2003
Published by Weatherhill,
an imprint of Shambhala Publications
Softcover Edition, May 2015
Published by Floating World Editions
208 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches
Over 1200 monochrome photos,
63 illustrations, bibliography
Foreign-language editions available
in French, Italian, and Russian
Hardcover: ISBN 978-0834804968
Softcover: ISBN 978-1891640759



Different Approaches
Types of Techniques
Responsible Use of Force
Comparing Martial Arts


Energetic Concepts
Basic Principles
Standing Footwork
Ground Movement
Transitional Movement
Blocks from the Ground
Pressure Point Targets
Pressure Point Locations
Ground Summary


Basic Concepts
Choke Holds
Head Locks


Pinning Holds


Drop Kicks
Seated Kicks


Seated Defenses


Reclining Defenses


Kneeling Defenses


Sacrifice Techniques


Further Reading

“The vast majority of the techniques covered in the book are excellent examples of ground fighting. Furthermore, the very elegant hardcover edition, the more than 1,200 photos beautifully illustrating the book, and Tedeschi’s well-written explanations help greatly in making The Art of Ground Fighting a very valuable addition to any martial artist’s library.”
– Journal of Asian Martial Arts

5starsAnother Excellent Text by Mr. Tedeschi
“Mr. Tedeschi has done it again! This book is an outstanding resource for anyone seriously interested in self-defence. It manages to be both traditional and modern in its approach. In my opinion, the chapter on chokes and headlocks alone is worth the price of the book. As with the other books in this series, the layout is well thought out, the photos are clear and the accompanying instructional narrative is first rate. If you have bought all of Mr. Tedeschi’s books in this series as I have (The Art of Throwing, The Art of Holding and The Art of Striking)—you will notice there is quite a bit of overlap. Nevertheless, I still give all of these texts top-marks. Undoubtedly, this is a book you will take off your bookshelf often for perusal.”
– (USA)

5starsGreat Work From Master Tedeschi!
“This is valuable material for beginners and veterans alike. The explanations are easy to follow, with some of the best photography ever taken for a martial arts book.”
– (USA)

5starsSolid Book
“ . . . this is a great book. I’ve studied several martial arts including Judo and BJJ [Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu]. I’m a good enough grappler to hold my own with most people. Many of the techniques in this book can be found in the current crop of BJJ books. The difference being this book has better pictures and text. That can make all the difference. There are a few techniques that I would skip over, but that could be said about any martial art book that I own. I’ve always thought of Hapkido as Korean Jujitsu. It is wrong to assume that because a system has kicks it can’t offer anything else. Don’t pay any attention to the BJJ hype in some of the other reviews. This is a worthwhile purchase.”
– (USA)

5starsGreat Book For Everyone, Even BJJ Guys
“So many people are one minded about things. This is a great book—a very good book for anyone looking to finish, and I mean FINISH, an opponent on the ground, not just wrestle around. Real good techniques that could be added to anyone’s arsenal.”
– (USA)

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