book cover of Essential Anatomy For Healing and Martial Arts; a unique book that familiarizes healing practitioners and martial artists with basic concepts of the human body, as defined by both Western and Eastern medical traditions. Comprehensive, easy to understand, and lavishly illustrated in full color. Specially designed for students, healing professionals, and martial artists.
The essential text on the human body,
as defined by Eastern and Western medicine.
Comprehensive, easy to understand,
and lavishly illustrated in full color.
Specially designed for students,
healing professionals, and martial artists.

This unique book will familiarize healing practitioners and martial artists with basic concepts of the human body, as defined by both Western and Eastern medical traditions, allowing those engaged in healing and martial arts to develop a more complete, holistic, and scientifically forward-looking understanding of the body. Overviews of philosophical and conceptual underpinnings are followed by detailed drawings and diagrams of the body’s internal systems, as seen by both traditions. Written in a clear and concise style, this beautiful and informative book presents information previously unavailable in any single text, making it an essential work for students, healing professionals, and martial artists.

•  Lavishly illustrated with over 147 color drawings and 54 duotone photographs

•  Easy-to-understand overview of
Western anatomical concepts

•  Detailed overview of Eastern medical principles, including information previously available only in specialized, costly medical texts

•  Comprehensive listing of Oriental pressure points and meridians in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, cross-referenced to nerves, blood vessels, and other anatomical landmarks

•  Twenty essential self-massage and revival techniques

•  Detailed principles of pressure point fighting, as used in traditional Asian martial arts

•  An essential text for students, healing professionals, and martial artists


Essential Anatomy For Healing and Martial Arts
Author: Marc Tedeschi
Publisher: Weatherhill, USA
An imprint of Shambhala Publications
Language: English
First Edition, June 2000
Fifth Printing, 2007
144 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, quality softcover
147 color drawings, 54 duotone photographs
Cross-index of acupoints, bibliography, index
Exceptional-quality printing on matte, acid-free paper
Lay-flat binding, sewn signatures, heavy-duty cover
Shipping weight: 1.4 pounds
ISBN-10: 0-8348-0443-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-8348-0443-2
List Price: USA $29.95 / CAN $34.00



Concepts of the Human Body
The Evolution of Healing Arts
Healing and the Martial Arts
Simplicity, Faith and Science


Structural Levels
Principle Body Systems
Skeletal System
Muscular System
Nervous System
Circulatory System


Basic Principles
Acupoint Charts

Meridian Reference

Contents and Key
12 Regular Meridians
   Large Intestine
   Small Intestine
   Triple warmer
8 Extraordinary Meridians
   Yin Linking
   Yang Linking
   Yin Heel
   Yang Heel
Extra Acupoints


Massage Techniques
Healing Acupoints
Revival Techniques


Anatomical Targets
Pressure Point Fighting
Pressure Point Targets


Cross Index of Acupoints
Further Reading

“Excellent book! . . . Beautifully designed and richly illustrated throughout, I highly recommend this book to any internal practitioner. Covers all the meridians and acupoints for both fighting and healing.”

“This is a long-overdue text that is very nicely and clearly illustrated and perfect resource for martial artists interested in point location from both a healing and martial perspective.”
– Plum Publications

5starsElegant Anatomy
“This clear, concise, beautiful book is the best comparison I’ve found of Eastern and Western medicines. If you’re interested in exploring the differences and similarities between Eastern and Western healing traditions, this book is a wonderful place to start. It’s clear, elegant, and packed with information. It is an excellent source of information on acupressure points for athletes.”
– Rich Poley, author of Self-Massage for Athletes

“When I read Erle Montaigue’s work on Dim Mak etc, I never really thought that any book would equal them. However, Tedeschi’s truly beautiful book does this and in some instances (i.e., from a healing perspective) surpasses them. Montaigue’s work is biassed more towards fantastic details of the Dim Mak areas of the art with the healing parts being a bit of a ‘list’ in comparison. The quality of the diagrams and text in Tedeschi’s work is a credit to his work within Hapkido and in some ways more easily handled than his 1100-page master work on his art. As he explains within the text, this isn’t an ‘easy’ book as many of the concepts of [Traditional Chinese Medicine] and Dim Mak are not that easy. However, he explains them in a very straightforward way and does a very good job of relating Western and Chinese concepts of medicine and fighting strategies. Possibly the only book of its type that deserves to be in both the healing and martial sections . . . If you are at all serious about martial arts (in their entirety from martial art to healing ) buy this book . . .”

“Contains some of the best human physiology, and pressure point charts I have ever seen.”
– Shotokan Karate of America, Portland Dojo

5starsExcellent Resource for
Points and Meridians

“An excellent reference book, nicely laid out, with clean, clear accurate drawings and charts of the TCM [Traditional Chinese Medicine] meridians and points. Great for martial arts, massage, shiatsu, or anyone else who wants these charts presented clearly and beautifully.”
– (USA)

5starsExcellent Overview
“Mr. Tedeschi put together an excellent overview of anatomy designed for the martial artist. Covering both eastern and western philosophies the book is filled with clear concise charts and diagrams. This should be required reference material for all those studying the martial arts.”
– (USA)

5starsVery Clear, Highly Organised,
a Labour of Love and Wisdom

“I am a new acupuncture student and practising therapist (reflexology, massage, reiki) who is very glad indeed to have found this supremely useful book. I am not a martial artist and want to let others know that I believe this book is genuinely as useful to healers as martial artists. Those studying level-3 holistic therapies who want to understand energy systems in greater depth should buy this book (it won’t break the bank). The author is clearly a genuinely knowledgeable man and also understands what students need. The book appears to be a distillation of an immense amount of accumulated information and experience and I have a great feeling of gratitude in finding it. Thank you very much for this most useful book at an extremely reasonable price.”
– (UK)

5starsAn Informed and Informative
Practical Guide

“This book provides a treatise from the perspectives of both Western and Eastern medicine on the fundamental aspects of anatomy. Unlike many others on the market, it makes no reference to amazing powers or medicines, but concentrates on being a practical guide to physiology and anatomy. It does not profess to offer diagnostic tools or remedies but does give a full account of meridian anatomy and accupressure points. Mr. Tedeschi has provided what seems to be an essential guide for all those who have experience of, or are studying, Eastern cultural and physical arts.”
– (UK)

“This book is hands down the best reference book I’ve found for Eastern energetic theory that’s not a straight-up acupuncture school text . . . It is an excellent resource for why certain pressure points work and their local Eastern and Western anatomy. It has excellent comparisons between Eastern and Western thought and theory. It is not a book of martial arts techniques. Tedeschi has plenty of those . . . So if you’re at all interested in ‘meta-martial arts,’ this book is amazing; if you’re looking to actively learn new strikes or blocks or anything like that, better go with one of his other books.”
– (USA)

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