Picture of Essential Acupoints Poster by Marc Tedeschi; an exceptionally high-quality, 27 by 40 inch poster illustrating the acupoints and meridians that are the foundation of Eastern medicine and the martial arts.
The finest wall-chart available
depicting Eastern meridians and acupoints.
Comprehensive, accurate, easy to understand.
Specially designed for students,
healing professionals, and martial artists.

This exceptionally high-quality, 27 by 40 inch poster illustrates the acupoints and meridians that are the foundation of Eastern medicine and martial arts. Designed by the author of the landmark books Hapkido and Essential Anatomy, and printed in seven colors on heavy-duty archival stock, this unique and beautiful poster exhibits a level of accuracy, detail, and functionality unobtainable elsewhere.

•  Over 400 acupoints and 14 major meridians, color-coded and shape-coded for clarity.

•  Three large full-body drawings (front, rear, and side),
plus two detail-drawings of the head.

•  Drawings contain skeletons, proportional scales, and anatomical landmarks to assist practitioners in accurately locating acupoints.

•  Acupoints precisely placed based on generally agreed upon anatomical locations established by the major Chinese medical institutions.

•  Highlights Yin-Yang and Phase (Element) relationships, Qi-flow timing, and common targets used in martial arts.

•  Designed to stand alone, or be used as a companion with the author’s books on healing and martial arts.

•  Uses nomenclature and graphics consistent with the author’s books and major Eastern medical systems, making for easy cross-referencing.

•  Seven-color printing on high-quality, heavy-weight, archival paper; long lasting and suitable for framing; printed in the USA by one of the world’s finest printers.

•  An essential tool for students, healing professionals, acupuncturists, and martial artists.


Essential Acupoints Poster
Author: Marc Tedeschi
Publisher: Weatherhill, USA
An imprint of Shambhala Publications
Language: English
First Printing, April 2002, 1000 impressions
27 x 39.75 inches, 7-color printing
Stock: bright white, high-quality heavy-weight stock,
acid-free, elemental chlorine-free, neutral ph, matte finish
Printed by Gardner Lithograph in California,
a renowned printer of museum-quality posters.
Shipping weight: 14.4 ounces
ISBN-10: 0-8348-0510-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-8348-0510-1
List Price: USA $30

This poster is sold unmounted and unframed. It has been designed to be displayed in one of several ways, depending upon the user’s requirements. Click here for recommendations and display methods.

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