Complimentary copies of our books are available to qualifying individuals, teachers, journalists, foreign publishers, and distributors, as provided below.
Review Copies
If you are a member of the press, or a freelance writer on assignment, and would like to request a copy of a book for review, please contact Shambhala’s publicity department at If you are on a deadline, you may call (617) 424-0030, ext. 232. If your review will be on a major internet website or blog, the publisher will also consider your request.
Desk Copies
If you are an instructor at an accredited college or university and are considering using one of our books for a class, please request a desk copy or exam copy from our distributor Random House (click below):
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Foreign Publishers
If you are a foreign publisher seeking translation rights to our books, and wish to examine copies, please contact Shambhala at
Other Requests
For all other requests, please contact Shambhala’s publicity department at