Cover of Hapkido Manuals by Marc Tedeschi
An invaluable series of study-guides
summarizing all Hapkido belt ranks,
from novice to master-level.
Concise, affordable, easy to use.

This unique nine-volume series of Hapkido manuals summarizes promotion requirements and techniques associated with specific Hapkido color‑belt and black‑belt ranks. These manuals are intended to be used as a quick reference for techniques already learned; as a study guide for testing preparation; and as an aid to serious, long‑term training. These manuals are not stand‑alone textbooks, but are intended to be used in conjunction with Marc Tedeschi’s 1136‑page Hapkido book. Students new to Hapkido may wish to first obtain Mr. Tedeschi’s smaller 128‑page Hapkido book, which contains a concise overview of Hapkido’s history, philosophy, and techniques, along with fundamentals.

These manuals, and the 1136‑page book upon which they are based, have been organized by Marc Tedeschi based on historical Hapkido models, the practices of mainstream Hapkidoists during the past 50‑plus years, and Mr. Tedeschi’s own innovations. This teaching system integrates both traditional and modern approaches to the art, and consists of the 1200‑plus core techniques that typically define Hapkido. Collectively, these groundbreaking books and manuals constitute a comprehensive curriculum encompassing all ranks, from novice to master.

The nine Hapkido manuals that make up this series are further described below. To view samples or buy manuals, click on the links at the base of this page (scroll down).

Description and specs for nine-volume series of Hapkido Manuals by Marc Tedeschi

To view a table-of-contents for each manual, along with sample pages, click on the View Samples button below. Once there, you can also read more about Hapkido’s rank system and alternate ways to use these manuals (see pages 3–7 in any manual).
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Manuals can be purchased online from (perfect binding) or (saddle-stitch binding).

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