Reviews can be found on the Information webpage for each title (Books >By Title >Information). A few excerpts follow:
“Within minutes of opening Marc Tedeschi’s new book, Hapkido, you know you have your hands on an exceptional work . . . enormous, comprehensive, detailed, beautifully illustrated . . . It covers so much ground and its material is so well presented that no martial arts library will again be complete without it.”
– Journal of Asian Martial Arts
“This book [Hapkido] is in my experience, the most comprehensive ever written on a single martial art . . . An authoritative presentation of basic principles and techniques, integrated with modern innovations, makes this work indispensable to martial artists of virtually any style.”
– Professor Wally Jay
“The best martial arts book ever published . . . a monumental accomplishment, nothing less.”
“Absolutely astonishing . . . leaves all other martial arts books in smoking rubble.”
– (USA)
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“Simply put, Taekwondo is the most comprehensive work ever written and illustrated on the world’s most widely practiced martial art. It expertly integrates traditional and modern approaches, history, and sport and self-defense . . . The definitive work on the subject, and of mammoth scope.”
– MA Success Magazine
“[Essential Anatomy] is the best comparison I’ve found of Eastern and Western medicines . . . a wonderful place to start . . . clear, elegant, and packed with information.”
– Rich Poley, author of Self-Massage for Athletes
“Tedeschi keeps no secrets, and puts on no airs. He is honest, humble, and to the point . . . a value and a treasure.”
– (USA)
“Clearly a genuinely knowledgeable man [who] also understands what students need . . . an immense amount of accumulated information and experience.”
– (UK)
“Without a doubt the best works on martial arts today are those written by Marc Tedeschi . . . great reference for anyone serious about learning or teaching the martial arts.”
– Professor Willy Cahill, Two-time Olympic Judo Coach