book cover of Taekwondo: Complete WTF Forms; the most comprehensive book ever written on Taekwondo's most widely practiced forms systems, including those sanctioned by the World Taekwondo Federation: Palgwae, Taeguk, and WTF Black Belt.
The most comprehensive book
ever written on Taekwondo’s
most widely practiced forms systems,
including those sanctioned by the
World Taekwondo Federation:
P’algwae, T’aeguk, and WTF Black Belt

This unprecedented text is the first to offer a detailed, comprehensive presentation of Taekwondo’s three most widely practiced forms systems, including those sanctioned by Taekwondo’s largest governing organization, the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). More than 5000 photographs and 1200 drawings spanning 512 pages document the 25 individual forms that make up the P’algwae, T’aeguk, and WTF Black Belt forms systems.

Detailed introductory chapters provide a brief overview of Taekwondo’s structure, review the historical origins of forms, outline general principles of execution and interpretation, and thoroughly describe the underlying philosophical concepts and meanings associated with each individual form and form system.

In subsequent chapters, each of the 25 forms begins with summary pages for quick reference, followed by a detailed breakdown of each movement, which includes larger photos, descriptive text, alternate views, closeups of complex actions, Korean nomenclature, precise footwork drawings, pattern diagrams on every page for constant reference, and examples of select movements applied to practical self-defense. Since forms training is intended to be a reflection of actual combat, descriptive text also outlines the combative purpose behind each movement, as well as common alternate interpretations.

While many books on forms have been produced over the years, none offer the level of detail, accuracy, and technical description provided by this text. Written and designed by the author of the 896-page Taekwondo: Traditions, Philosophy, Technique—widely acclaimed for its comprehensive integration of traditional and modern approaches, sport and self-defense, in a single text—this indispensable companion work is the definitive book on WTF forms.

Note: The summary pages that precede each form are also found in the author’s 896-page Taekwondo: Traditions, Philosophy, Technique. All other material in this forms book is new, and unavailable in the author’s other works.


Taekwondo: Complete WTF Forms
Author: Marc Tedeschi
Publisher: Weatherhill, USA
An imprint of Shambhala Publications
Language: English
First Edition, May 2004
512 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, hardcover
Over 5000 monochrome photos, 1200 drawings
Diagrams, Korean terms, bibliography
Exceptional-quality printing on glossy, acid-free paper
Lay-flat binding, sewn signatures
Shipping weight: 4.7 pounds
ISBN-10: 0-8348-0544-8
ISBN-13: 978-0-8348-0544-6
List Price: USA $75 / CAN $110



What is Taekwondo?
Taekwondo’s Structure


Historical Origins
Systems of Forms
P’algwae Forms
T’aeguk Forms
WTF Black Belt Forms
ITF Patterns
Hyong, P’umsae, or T’ul?
General Principles
How Forms are Structured
Forms Interpretation
Editorial Notes
Forms Summary
Form Meanings


P’algwae 1
P’algwae 2
P’algwae 3
P’algwae 4
P’algwae 5
P’algwae 6
P’algwae 7
P’algwae 8


T’aeguk 1
T’aeguk 2
T’aeguk 3
T’aeguk 4
T’aeguk 5
T’aeguk 6
T’aeguk 7
T’aeguk 8


1. Koryo
2. Kumgang
3. T’aebaek
4. P’yongwon
5. Shipjin
6. Chit’ae
7. Ch’onkwon
8. Hansu
9. Ilyo


Promotion Requirements
Korean Alphabet
Korean Pronunciation
Korean Terms
Further Reading
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