Photo of Marc Tedeschi performing Hapkido martial arts techniques
Marc Tedeschi is the founder and chief instructor of Hapkido West, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the martial art of Hapkido. Hapkido West provides classes several days per week at a spacious, well-equipped facility at the California State University in Hayward. If you wish to train directly under Master Tedeschi, Hapkido West offers two options: their general Hapkido Classes or their Masters Program. Both are briefly described below (for more information, scroll down to links at base of page).

Hapkido Classes
Hapkido West’s general Hapkido classes are designed to provide a well-rounded martial arts education that integrates practical self-defense skills with philosophy, physical conditioning, meditation, and healing techniques. Admission is open to anyone who wishes to learn Hapkido, regardless of physical size, strength, or ability. The goal for most students is to cultivate health and fitness, self-confidence, personal integrity, emotional stability, and peace of mind. The instructional program is overseen by Master Tedeschi and follows a formal established curriculum designed to provide benefit to a broad spectrum of students from novices to experts. Hapkido West’s instructors possess over 120 years of collective experience in the martial arts, providing students with a rich and varied educational experience.

Masters Program
Hapkido West offers advanced, dan-level training to select martial artists via their Masters Program. These classes are taught exclusively by Marc Tedeschi. The program’s long-term objective is to produce master-level Hapkido practitioners who will help preserve the traditions and distinct qualities that distinguish Hapkido from other martial arts, while also contributing thoughtful and appropriate innovations to the art. Classes are small and there is substantial one-on-one teaching and training. Although not a specific requirement, the average Masters Program student has been training in the martial arts for 15 to 30 years. Some students teach in other martial arts organizations or have run their own schools. Many like studying here because they are able to more fully focus on their own training and development, without the additional responsibility of teaching others. Generally, Masters Program participants are a small group of dedicated martial artists who enjoy vigorous training with other skilled practitioners who are pleasant, mature, honest, compassionate, and safe to be around.

Further Information
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