Marc Tedeschi believes that giving-back and providing benefit to others is among the most important activities a person can undertake in life. To that end, Mr. Tedeschi is willing to provide on-going advice and counsel to serious students or evolving professionals, who are engaged in unique or ground-breaking projects pertaining to Eastern philosophy, medicine, martial arts, or the visual arts. To be considered for a mentoring relationship with Marc Tedeschi, you would first need to provide a resume, biographical information, and a concise description of your project along with its anticipated date of completion. Do not send any proprietary or confidential information. If you are a student, you must: (a) be working toward an academic degree at an accredited university or college; and (b) provide proof of enrollment and a letter from your school approving your project and Marc Tedeschi’s role as mentor or faculty advisor. Mr. Tedeschi’s ultimate decision whether to assist you will be based on your submittals, his interest and availability, and his determination as to whether he can provide the level of support you require. If you are a martial artist seeking a teaching internship at Hapkido West, please contact them at