Photo of Marc Tedeschi performing Hapkido martial arts techniques
Marc Tedeschi is available to teach seminars worldwide, on a wide variety of topics pertaining to the martial arts and Asian culture. An internationally respected artist, educator, and martial arts master, who has taught at major universities for decades, Mr. Tedeschi has long held that integrity, compassion, generosity, and self‑empowerment are the foundation of learning. He also believes that the pursuit of excellence can become a profound and enriching part of any individual’s life, irrespective of talent, ability, and life circumstances.

Marc Tedeschi’s seminars are tailored to the expertise and experiences of the participants, which can range from novice to master-level. If you are planning to host a seminar and have specific areas of interest, Mr. Tedeschi can create a custom program responsive to your needs.

Seminar fees are quoted based on time and expenses, and are intended to be reasonable and fair. Scholarships and discounts are available to qualifying nonprofits or organizations with limited resources. Similarly, if you reside in a country where currency valuations and cost‑of‑living standards differ substantially from those in the USA, seminar fees may be adjusted accordingly.

If you are interested in requesting Marc Tedeschi’s participation in a seminar, lecture, or conference, please contact him directly. For inquiries concerning Hapkido seminars, or seminars for military or law-enforcement professionals, please contact Hapkido West (see links below). Please recognize that Mr. Tedeschi’s participation in any seminar or event is based on his availability and interest, and the degree to which the event provides benefit to others.